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Appointment Policy

Because of the nature of our hospital, emergency cases shall always receive top priority followed by patients with previously scheduled appointments. Please be assured that careful attention is paid to prevent a long wait time, but due to the lack of an emergency clinic in the area, we feel it is our priority to assist these patients first. To prevent a long wait, be sure to schedule an appointment.

Patient Arrival Policy

• For your protection, and that of others, all dogs must be on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area or exam rooms.

• All cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier or on a leash.

• Please allow our staff to restrain your pet for examinations and treatment.

Pre-Surgical Policy

We require that you withhold food from your pet after 8pm the night prior to surgery. Free access to water is allowed.

Payment Policy

LaVale Veterinary Hospital maintains the highest standard of medical care for your pets. Our high standards apply to every aspect of our clinic, from the experience and training of our team to our modern facilities. We maintain a pharmacy, laboratory, surgery center, and radiology department in addition to the exam rooms and comfortable waiting area. We are the ONLY clinic in the area that provides around-the-clock monitoring of our patients.

Medically, we always strive to provide you with recommendations for the best care of your pet. When finances are a concern, we try to present alternative treatment options when appropriate.

The fee structure at LaVale Veterinary Hospital is based on the financial demands of providing the best facility for your pet's care. You are encouraged to discuss charges before they are rendered. We are happy to provide you with a written estimate prior to treating any condition.

Our clinic receives no financial support from charities or government agencies. Therefore, prompt payment assures maintenance of a well-equipped and well-stocked veterinary hospital and allows us to extend the highest level of medical service to your pets.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for the full amount of services rendered. All professional service fees, routine services, and prescriptions must be paid in full at the time the pet is discharged from the hospital.

Emergency cases require a minimum deposit of at least $200. A higher deposit may be required depending on the level of care that is anticipated to be required.

Euthanasia Policy

We will not euthanize a healthy animal that is potentially adoptable. We do require an exam/consultation prior to euthanasia.

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