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Wellness and Prevention – Routine yearly physical examinations as well as vaccination protocols, dental care, nutrition and parasite control are key to maintaining a healthy pet

Dentistry – Dental prophylaxis, as well as specialized digital dental radiography and tooth extraction

Radiology – Digital radiography with telemedicine capability for specialist input

Ultrasonograpy – Abdominal ultrasound and ultrasound guided sampling

Soft Tissue Surgery – Our C02 laser is used for routine elective surgeries, as well as abdominal exploratories, cesarean sections, GDV correction, GI resection, and splenectomies to name a few

Orthopedic Surgery – Bone plating and pinning, fracture repair, Cruciate ligament repair

Tonometry – Measurement of intraocular (eye) pressure

Cold Laser Therapy – MLS laser therapy for everything from arthritis and back pain to wound healing and post surgical inflammation

Game Ready Treatment – Circulating cold water therapy for post orthopedic patients

Critical Care – Oxygen and temperature stabilization for severely ill patients

Chemotherapy and Palliative care – Several IV and oral chemotherapy treatments, as well as pain management are offered

Emergency Care – Treatment at our facility by our own veterinarians is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients are monitored 24 hours by our staff 

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