• Always Very Friendly, Helpful, Professional and Very Gentle with Our Animals
    LaVale Veterinary Hospital is an AA+ facility. We have used their services for over 13 years, and have never had a complaint. All of the staff--medical, technicians and office staff--are always very friendly, helpful, professional and very gentle with our animals. I could not recommend them more highly.

    - Linda B.

  • They All Have Always Been Very Helpful and Listened to My Concerns.
    I would and do highly recommend this vet! My family and I have been going to them for the last at least 6-7 years. They all have always been very helpful and listened to my concerns. When I’ve called them after hours they never made it seem like we were being a burden. We normally take our pets to Dr.Folk and I will always recommend her. My pets all love her and you can tell she is there to help the animals, as are all the other doctors. When the restrictions due to Covid first started, I had to bring my dog in for an emergency appt and they did and still continued to do an amazing job. I recently had to bring my dog in again for an emergency app and when I called and explained what was going on they came out to take him back right away due to his condition. The Veterinarian (doctor) Dr.Cosgrove came out to talk with me personally about what was going on, explained his concerns, and explained what he wanted to do. Unfortunately, while they had to do an emergency surgery Lobo my dog did not make it through surgery. They called me and let me know and was VERY COMPASSIONATE about it. They allowed me to say my goodbyes and they had made a paw imprint as well as cut some of his hair for a keepsake to remember him by, which is a time where I was not thinking very clearly I appreciated them doing this. When I called the next day to ask about the process (how long it takes to get back the ashes) of cremation, I was upset and the lady I had talked to on the phone was very compassionate. They called yesterday to let me know that I was able to pick up his ashes. Today when I went to pick up his ashes they were again VERY COMPASSIONATE about it.
    LVH Doctors and staff are all amazing, caring people and are there to help the animals and to calm the owners. Thank you all for everything you all have and are doing. My family and I truly appreciate it!

    - Samantha B.

  • Exceptional Care for Our Fur Babies!
    Exceptional care for our fur babies!

    - Arin C.

  • These Vets Are So Caring
    These vets are so caring. They work to stay on the cutting edge in vet medicine and apply that knowledge in such a compassionate manner. The entire office staff goes out of their way to help us and always have. They are the best in this area in my opinion.

    - Jean H.

  • They Have the Friendliest Staff.
    I have been going to LaVale Veterinary Hospital for a very long time. They have the friendliest staff. I'm very careful who I take my dogs to and they meet all my requirements.

    - Helen S.

  • They Listen to Everything I Said
    They listen to everything I said and did not seem at all annoyed at answering my million questions. And giving me help info for the future health of my fur baby.

    - Laura T.

  • Always Have Great Results
    Always have great results on whatever I have done with my animals. They take good care of your animals.

    - Patudy Jane K.

  • I've Entrusted Many Fur babies to Their Care
    I've been going to Lavale Veterinary Hospital since its beginning with Dr. Ian McFawn. They have the friendliest staff, who go above and beyond most animal hospitals. I've entrusted many furbabies to their care and will continue to do so as long as I have any🐾!!

    - Rhonda W.

  • Thank You for Saving My Fur-Nieces
    Thank you for saving my fur-nieces when no one else would! From what I hear Lucy Shook was a handful but you all still did everything you could and you saved her life. Our family is so grateful for everything you did for her these last few weeks. Lucy may not have shown it but she was thankful for it. She loves her Aunt but was too sick to show excitement when I went to see her 2 days ago but today she was super excited and cried till I got out to pet her! I can't say thank you enough!

    - Brittany J.

  • Thoughtful and Effective Service.

    We have taken our pets here for 15 years and trust them thoroughly. Thoughtful and effective service.

    - Leigh A.

  • They Truly Care
    I can’t thank Lavale Vet Hospital enough they take such good care of Finn when we bring him! They truly care 💗 I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.

    - Kristina W.

  • Can't Praise Them Enough.
    Over the years, Lavale Veterinary Hospital has been there for us for after-hours emergencies. Fifteen years ago they did a c-section removing a dead kid and saved our goat, another time took us in on Christmas Eve and performed another c-section on our dog who couldn't pass her last puppy. Last week our Saint Bernard's stomach twisted and they took us in once again after hours and saved his life. Each time the doctor and their techs were very compassionate and professional. Can't praise them enough. I thank God they were there to help us when we needed them the most. They get 5 stars in my book.

    - Bob M.

  • Always Gentle and Loving With Our Animals.
    Always gentle and loving with our animals. Thankful for their loving, kind, and professional services.

    - Christa B.

  • Doctors and Staff Are Awesome!!
    They take such good care of my Phoebe. Doctors and staff are awesome!!

    - Karen L.

  • Wonderful and Compassionate Care
    The Higgs family would like to thank Dr. Raley and staff for the wonderful and compassionate care provided to our Bridgette girl, over the weekend. We were faced with an emergency visit due to a traumatic injury, with an unknown outcome at the time. I am happy to report that Bridgette is home and recovering with us, all thanks to the knowledgeable, professional, and above all else, caring staff at LVH. I highly recommend LVH for both your day to day and urgent veterinary needs.

    - Tracey H.

  • I love Lavale Veterinary Hospital!
    I love Lavale Veterinary Hospital! my cat Sid got sick I had to rush him to the hospital at 8:30 at night this was my first time going to Lavale Veterinary Hospital. they took such amazing care of my baby and me. he passed away doctor Hansel was so sweet. I've never had my cats to a place that cared so much for the animals and their parents.
    Thank you to all the staff for being so great.

    - Stacey H.

  • They Made Me Feel at Ease
    I can’t give enough praise to Dr. Kristie Hensel Wilhelm & the entire staff at LaVale Veterinary Hospital. The service is first class, everyone always takes the time to listen and answer any questions that I have and doesn’t get frustrated when I am asking questions over and over again. In the midst of an emergency with my boxer, Mopar, I was a basket case! They made me feel at ease during the entire exploratory surgery and 3-night stay and constantly stayed in contact with me and was upbeat and professional during my countless check-in calls. Thank you Lavale Veterinary Hospital!

    - Lauren G.

  • I Can’t Say Enough Kind Words About This Practice
    I can’t say enough kind words about this practice. Everyone there is very compassionate and kind and knowledgeable. Special kudos to Dr. Cosgrove and Mary Caite for making our dog’s farewell so painless.

    - Chris H.

  • Very Caring and Goes Above and Beyond.
    Everyone at LVH is very caring and goes above and beyond.

    - Carol E.

  • Emergency Care Was Started Right Away
    Emergency care was started right away

    - Di M.

  • They Give Excellent Care
    They give excellent care. Dr. Macfawn was my vet from the 70s until he retired. Have Dr. Cosgrove now. He is an excellent vet.

    - Gale D.

  • Highly Recommend.
    Highly recommend. Very professional and friendly

    - Holly M.

  • This Hospital Is Absolutely Wonderful
    This hospital is absolutely wonderful they were thereafter hours for us and our Yorkie. Zoey was activity dying they saved her life. We can never thank them enough. Extremely friendly and professional

    - Liz D.

  • Compassionate and Understanding of Our Feelings
    They were so very compassionate and understanding of our feelings with the loss of my fur babies. We recommend lavale veterinary hospital to all our friends and family. All of our new fur babies only go there.

    - Dawn J.

  • The Staff There Were Wonderful.

    I took my cat Rusty to LVH. There was something the matter with him because he was hiding from me. I knew he was in pain because that’s what they usually do. His bladder wasn’t emptying. They drained a liter of fluid from him, kept him a few nights and he made a full recovery. The staff there were wonderful. They would call me and keep me updated on his condition. Thanks so much, LVH for saving his life. I would highly recommend you!

    - Kelly M.

  • My First Time Using This Vet and They Were Amazing.

    My first time using this vet and they were amazing. Caring, a compassionate and warm welcome for my new rescue senior.

    - Tammy M.

  • They Have a Vet on Call 24/7
    They have a vet on call 24/7, they treat the animals as if they were their own. I feel very comfortable that if my dog had to stay that he would be well taken care of.

    - Sherry M.

  • This Is a Great Place to Take Your Animals!
    This is a GREAT place to take your animals! I had an emergency with my dog Joe & they were able to fit me in at the time that was best for me! Unfortunately, Joe was old & just too sick 😢...I had to make the HARDEST decision of my 36 years of life & they were GREAT!!! Soooo patient, kind, caring, & compassionate😊 I would 100% recommend LaVale Veterinary Hospital!! A big thank you to everyone that works there😍😍😍

    - Misty L.

  • You Go Above and Beyond
    Where to start... let me first start by saying thank you to Jamie, Carrie, and all the girls in the front. You all are angels and have made a huge impact on me. You’re more than staff-you have treated me and everyone I’ve seen you interact with like family. Second- to all the doctors there y’all are wonderful as well. An extra special shout out to Dr. Raley. I knew the first time I met you that I would be requesting you from that point on. You go above and beyond your calling to take care of the ones we love most that don’t have voices. I am beside myself with how much compassion you have shown. I just made by far the hardest decision of my life yesterday and while I’m sure difficult for you to be the one to have to do it you handled it so well. I felt at ease. Thank you all for the flowers today as well. They really mean a lot. ❤️

    - Alexa M.

  • Very Nice, Professional and Sweet

    All the staff we came in contact with were very nice, professional and sweet. I know my 4month old pitbull is very energetic and loves to jump and give kisses to everyone he sees and they just loved on him and treated him so kind and gentle and prices for services are affordable. I'd recommend this place to everyone looking for a good veterinary hospital.

    - Shaniquewa K.

  • This Organization Is Awesome!

    The staff and providers here are always wonderful, but especially this past week when dealing with my sick cat. This organization is awesome! I highly recommend it!

    - Catie B.

  • Honest, Reliable Doctors

    We travel from Pittsburgh to see Dr. Griffith. Over ten years ago we had an emergency with one of our pets while spending a weekend at our cabin. Dr. Griffith was wonderful with our pets and has taken care of our pets since that day. Honest, reliable doctors which they would open up a branch in Pittsburgh, but we will travel for our fur babies.

    - Tammy W.

  • Great at What They Do
    The doctors, RVT's, receptionist, veterinary Assistants, and kennel technicians are great at what they do. I have never had a bad experience there. They are very understanding and take the absolute best care of my animals.

    - Alicia F.

  • The Drs Are Wonderful!
    Been going to LaVale Vet for 25 years, would never think of going anywhere else. All
    The Drs are wonderful! The girls at the front desk are helpful. I especially like Bob and Ted. It won’t be the same when they retire if they ever do.

    - Deana M.

  • Truly Are One of a Kind.
    I cannot express how amazing the staff is at LVH. Anytime I have called day or night I have always received a prompt response and excellent care. I just made the hardest decision of my life and the staff was very compassionate and kind. Thank you all!!! You truly are one of a kind.

    - Karissa K.

  • Wonderful staff!!
    Wonderful staff!! Amazing veterinarians they have as well!

    - Autumn E.

  • I Will Be Forever Grateful
    I want to thank you all! You made losing my fur baby as easy as possible! You treated her like a princess, and us with the most respect anyone could! I will be forever grateful to you all!

    - Todd L.

  • From Start to Finish Were Every Bit as Caring and Sympathetic
    I write belatedly in thanks for the unrivaled level of care that was recently provided for my wife and her Schnauzer of 14-plus years, Gretchen. And yes, Dr. Kristie Hensel-Wilhelm indeed provided care for Mary as well, in the compassionate, caring manner by which she put Gretchen to sleep. Both couldn’t have been in better hands.
    They had rigged Gretchen up with an IV initially so that when Dr. Hensel-Wilhem came in, all she had to do was insert the syringe. But first, she talked to Mary and petted Gretchen. And made sure Mary was ready. And she petted Gretchen some more, as Mary’s beloved pet lay in her lap, twitching and restless from the ills of old age that made her days painful. And as tears streamed down Mary’s cheeks, Dr. Hensel-Wilhelm reached into her pocket, pulled out the syringe, and administered the drug. I sat a few feet away and watched Gretchen’s final moment, which came swiftly. Peace had returned to her eyes as they gently closed, looking up at Mary. A few more moments passed, then Dr. Hensel-Wilhelm put her stethoscope to Gretchen’s side, and wordlessly nodded to Mary.
    They would be lucky indeed, families and the dying, who receive end-of-life care even half as skilled and comforting as that provided by Dr. Hensel-Wilhelm.
    And it was a team effort. Having called down to alert them to the situation, staff squeezed us in for a late afternoon appointment, and from start to finish were every bit as caring and sympathetic.
    It’s been a couple of months now, and the Christmas lights, and spirit of the season they herald, reminded me of a thank-you long overdue. As long as I draw breath, our little four-legged loved-ones will be cared for at LaVale Veterinary Hospital.

    - Richard K.

  • The Compassion the Staff Had Was Unbelievable.
    I can not thank everyone at this vet enough! Not only for taking care of my cat but putting up with my emotions, calling all the time to check on my cat, and for putting up with all my questions! The compassion the staff had was unbelievable. So glad I choose Lavale Veterinary Hospital as my cat's primary care facility. Thank you all so much.

    - Alysson B.

  • The Compassion the Staff Had Was Unbelievable.
    Lavale Veterinary Hospital was there for me when my regular vet wasn't. So decided to just make them my regular vet.

    - Tabatha M.

  • Will Never Take My Pets Anywhere Else.
    They are awesome. I took my little Italian greyhound, Max, in for his regular check-up and vaccinations today, and they were great with him. I had to rush him back in about 15 minutes after I left because Max had a terrible accident involving his eyelid and the hook on my purse, I was terrified... everyone stopped everything to help him. They had to sedate him to remove it, and took great care of him, and took great care of me too because I was a mess and scared to death... They were amazing... Will never take my pets anywhere else.

    - Nicki P.

  • So Patient and Caring.

    I would like to thank the doctors and staff for the manner in which they treated my mother’s cat and the kindness and true caring that they showed in this difficult time. Special thanks to Dr. Roberts for taking the time and being so patient and caring.

    - Cynthia C.

  • All the Employees Are Very Helpful and Informative
    I can not express how wonderful my experiences are at Lavale Vet Hospital. They treat my cats with such care and compassion especially Dr. Folk!. All the employees are very helpful and informative!! After trying 2 other vets, I would not take my cats anywhere else even for a shorter drive (I live about an hour away). This team is 110% for the animals and will do anything they can to take the best care of them. I have only great things to say about this hospital!!! Five stars are not enough stars to award them with!!

    - Kolbi M.

  • Its a Very Peaceful Clinic
    I haven't been there in a long Time I used to take my cat there and the vets gave her a complete check up. Its a very peaceful clinic your pet is treated with compassion.

    - Keith M.

  • Gratitude for How Amazing You All Are.
    To the staff of LaVale Veterinary Hospital, I want to express my gratitude for how amazing you all are. I recently lost my beloved dog, Litty. Your staff helped to make this extremely difficult process go as smoothly as possible. Thank you to Dr. Folk and Dr. Roberts for your compassion and care for my baby and for taking the time to make sure all of my questions were answered. A special thanks to Jamie and Kari. The compassion and love you two showed my family and I went above and beyond. You made sure we felt supported and cared for as I went through this difficult time. I could have not gotten through it without you. The flowers and paw print are just other examples of how above and beyond you went. Thank you again.

    - Sarah O.

  • Always a Wonderful Experience
    Always a wonderful experience for us and our pets! In the 20+ years that we have been taking our pets to LaVale Veterinary Hospital, we have always been welcomed by kind, friendly, and considerate staff and doctors. Thank you for the quality care!! The Minnick Family, including our three additional family members: dogs Maddie, Kaylee, and Brody!!

    - Maria M.

  • Everyone Was So Caring.
    The compassion showed to me today when I had to make the toughest decision any pet owner has to make touched my heart. From the time I walked in the door until the moment my sweet Harvey passed, everyone was so caring. Thank you, Dr. Malec. It would have been much harder without your kindness and compassion.

    - Diana T.

  • Most Loving Staff
    Lavale animal hospital has the most loving staff and some really amazing veterinarians! They are always there when needed and provide the most excellent service!! Shout out to all the ladies at the front desk area, we do appreciate you all!!

    - Lisa S.

  • Very Professional and Caring.
    Compassionate knowledgeable staff. Very professional and caring.

    - Cyndi P.

  • Your Facility Is Top-Notch

    Can’t say enough about Lavale Vet Hospital. On this day last yr Keisel our dog came in and docs said he may make it thru the night. Hey also said his condition had a success rate of about 1% survival rate. They have only seen one other dog that they had treated make it. Today he will be seen by Vet staff for his one year follow up and is as healthy as ever thanks to docs and staff. It was the first time there and we won’t go to anyone else. Thank you for your attention and care for our dog. Your facility is top-notch

    - Tina W.

  • Caring Professionals
    From the friendly smiles at the front reception desk to the caring professionals who take care of my dog, Jake, and my cat, Gretel, I have only the highest recommendation for Lavale Veterinary Hospital. Thank you.

    - Ella H.

  • The Care We Get at LVH Is Amazing

    The care we get at LVH is amazing. They take time to listen to our concerns and waste no time taking care of our little guy. He actually doesn't mind going to the vet because of the people that work there.

    - Keith H.

  • Can't Say Enough About the Care and Concern
    Can't say enough about the care and concern they have for your furry babies and their people. Thanks to Kristie Hensel-Wilhelm and all the staff for all your love and care.

    - Penny S.

  • I Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else!
    Dr. Cosgrove saved my bull dogs life. He and his staff were absolutely wonderful! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

    - Elizabeth R.

  • Their Kindness and Compassion Was Beyond
    My first review a year ago was a 5 stars- and still is today, August 9, 2018. This week we lost our Sadie. I cannot say enough great things about Dr Folk and the Staff at Lavale Veterinary. Their kindness and compassion was beyond measure to both Sadie - throughout her illness- and to me as she passed. To Dr Folk and staff .. Thank you and God bless all. You are amazing

    - Cindy H.

  • You Can't Beat the Care and Price Combo
    I really miss Lavale Veterinary Hospital now that I have moved away to Richmond, VA. Lorelai, Kyoko, and Rustopher always got the best care when they went to visit, and they were well-loved by all. You can't beat the care and price combo they provide, plus the 24/7 emergency line. My furbabies usually saw Dr. Folk, and she was our favorite vet to visit. If I weren't so far away, I'd still be bringing my cats in!

    - Rachel M.

  • What More Can I Say?
    Dr Hensel-Wihelm saved my cat Duffy's life in 2013. What more can I say?

    - Gale H.

  • They Always Take the Time to Give a Thorough Explanation
    I can't say enough good things about the care my dogs have received here over the years. I have seen a few of the vets due to emergencies but schedule with Dr. Cosgrove. They always take the time to give a thorough explanation of my questions and never make me feel like they are in a hurry no matter what time of day it is. We now live out of the country but I continue to fly my pup home for her medical needs. The staff is terrific in accommodating my travel schedule and are always friendly. I have been communicating with them the past few days through Facebook Messenger and they are quick to respond. 5 stars aren't enough

    - Terena M.

  • Recommend Them 100%
    Love LaVale Veterinary! The entire staff has been wonderful to our Ripley and Charlie. Whether minor or serious, the care received has always been prompt, professional and reasonably priced. Recommend them 100%

    - Caren N.

  • Could Not Ask for More
    Caring ppl could not ask for more thank you all so much

    - Robert G.

  • real animal lovers
    We have been taking our furbabies to LaVale Animal Hospital for almost 20 years. The doctors and staff are all wonderful people and real animal lovers. We love the fact that they are available 24/7 and are knowledgeable about the latest treatments and procedures. Thank you for always being there for us, through good times and bad!

    - DellaandFred

  • The Entire Staff Is Very Caring.
    I want to thank Dr. Folk and her entire staff for trying to save my beautiful Himalayan girl, Lacy. Unfortunately, her age and kidneys took her. Dr. Folk saved her several years ago when she was very ill, she actually stayed with her all nite. And she got her thru it. The entire staff is very caring. I want to thank them for the beautiful flowers they sent to me. God bless everyone there.

    - Barb L.

  • We Can't Thank You Enough
    Best Veterinary Team on the East Coast. Dr. Folk was beyond Professional and Worked with me and my family to keep our Dog 14 yr old Shi-Pom Snoopy around for years to come... We Can't Thank You Enough

    - John E.

  • I've Been Bringing Pets Here for 25 Years Without Any Problems
    We love LaVale Veterinary, especially Bailey's favorite, Dr. Folk. She has been the only Dr he has had since I brought him here as a puppy more than three years ago. Yesterday he had to have an infected bump on his hip taken care of. As always she's compassionate and caring. All of the Drs here are great. I've been bringing pets here for 25 years without any problems. I highly recommend this hospital.

    - Vicki B.

  • This Is the Only Place I Take My Furbabies!
    This is the ONLY place I take my furbabies! Dr. Jim Cosgrove and the rest of the staff are amazing and my puppies love to go there.

    - Christy L.

  • Truly a Loving Vet Practice.
    I love the way they handle my babies, truly a loving vet practice.

    - Vicki P.

  • Thank You for Saving My Miya.

    Thank you for saving my Miya. I appreciate everything you did. Dr. Cosgrove you rock. I am eternally grateful. I thought I was going to lose her.

    Jackie M.
  • Will Now Be Seen by l Will Now Be Seen by LVH!!
    Dr. Cosgrove and the entire staff recently cared for Lucy when she was very ill! My family veterinarian would not take her and these kind people did and took great care of her! I am so thankful that Lucy is back home, now all our pets will now be seen by LVH!! Thanks again!

    - Karen B.

  • Compassionate and Professional.
    I can't say enough about how wonderful everyone is at LaVale Vet. From my dog, my sister's cats, to the loss of one of mine and one of hers: compassionate and professional.

    - Shelli D.

  • The Best Doctors and Staff!

    No where like Lavale Vet Hospital! The best doctors and staff!

    - Teresa H.

  • They Are the Best There Is

    They are the BEST there is !!!!! From the staff out front to the doctors that care for the pets !!!!

    - Trina L.

  • I Love You Guys Keep up the Awesome Work.
    My dog chunk had an abscess the size of 2 softballs in his jaw and staring down his throat. As soon as I got in despite the 30 other patients in the waiting room they immediately took charge and diagnosed the issue on sight. After they diagnosed him with having an abscess infection they immediately told me what he needed and started right away. I'm so thankful for the staff here. I appreciate them more than my eyes can flow the tears of joy for them caring for him so quickly. I love you guys keep up the awesome work.

    - Lee M.

  • The Compassion of Dr. Cosgrove & Staff Is Amazing!!
    Yesterday my 9-year-old Papillon died suddenly. The compassion of Dr. Cosgrove & staff is amazing!! If only the could fix our broken hearts

    - Teresa S.

  • Dr. Jim Cosgrove Is a Wonderful Person and Vet!
    Dr. Jim Cosgrove is a wonderful person and vet! He has taken care of my animals for 20 years!

    - Julie M.

  • This Is a Great Place!!!
    I brought my cat here due to vomiting. They kept her under observation for the night. They called me periodically, updating me on how she was doing. This is a great place!!!

    - Lorra S.

  • I Thought I Was Going to Lose Her.
    Thank you for saving my Miya. I appreciate everything you did. Dr. Cosgrove you rock. I am eternally grateful. I thought I was going to lose her.

    - Jackie M.

  • Dr. Crosgrove Is So Caring and Good With My Cat
    My fur babies love their vets at lavale veterinary hospital. They always get us in at convenient times and explain everything in detail to us. Dr. Crosgrove is so caring and good with my cat and today's little emergency visit left me feeling relieved after I had been so upset not knowing what was wrong with my young female cat. I will always recommend them and continue taking my family pets here.

    - Nicki A.

  • Many Thanks to the Most Caring Group
    They have been the absolute best with all our fur babies (feline and canine). Every single person on staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we had our anxieties eased during difficult times and when the time came to say goodbye to Pancho last December they allowed us to spend as much time with him as we could before we had to say goodbye. Many thanks to the most caring group of people as I have ever met.

    - Jamie H.

  • They Made Me Feel Very Good About Leaving My Dog in Their Hands
    Just had my first experience with the hospital when my dog needed surgery, it couldn't have gone any better for me and especially my dog. They made me feel very good about leaving my dog in their hands and anytime I called they left me to know how he was doing at all hours. if I could give a 10-star rating I would. hope you all have a great day there.

    - Tina K.

  • So Attentive, Caring and Reassuring
    The very best in animal care hands down! So attentive, caring and reassuring in their care and treatment of animals.

    - Rachel S.

  • She Is Happy to See Her Vet & the Staff.

    It says A LOT when you take your dog in for surgery & she is HAPPY to see her vet & the staff. I cannot say enough good things about this group!! I've got to say a have THANK YOU to each & every one of you. You ALL have a gift & it shows!!!

    - Diana J.

  • Great Care for My Boys.

    Absolutely love the staff and vets at the hospital, especially Dr. Folk. You guys have always provided great care for my boys.

    - Travis S.

  • Best Vet in the Area.
    Wonderful staff and the best vet in the area. Dr. Cosgrove...

    - Tracy S.