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Ultrasounds in LaVale

A Closer Look at Your Furry Friend’s Health

LaVale Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer the latest in ultrasonography technology for your furry friends. While our veterinary team can learn a lot about your pet’s health by performing a physical exam, there are some things we cannot see with the naked eye. In addition, because our pets can’t tell us what’s bothering them, we have to rely on technology like ultrasonography to get a closer look at your pet’s insides. This can help us more quickly diagnose what is ailing your pet and get them to treatment faster.

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Ultrasounds & Your Pet

If you or someone you know has been pregnant, you might already be familiar with ultrasound technology. Ultrasounds use high frequency sound waves to produce real-time, moving images of the soft tissues inside of your pet’s body. We typically view these images on a computer monitor, but we can print still images as well if necessary. Unlike X-rays or other forms of radiology, ultrasounds do not use radiation to produce their images, which means they are extremely safe and can be used on delicate tissues and pregnant pets. Ultrasounds are pain-free and non-invasive, so you won’t have to worry about your pet’s comfort during their ultrasound scans.

Ultrasounds can be used to examine different parts of your pet’s body, including:

  • Heart and blood flow
  • Lumps or masses
  • Pregnancies
  • Organs

Ultrasounds are used primarily to image the soft tissues of your pet’s body. If your veterinarian suspects your pet is experiencing an issue with their bones or other dense tissues, we might recommend an X-ray instead of an ultrasound.

What’s the Difference Between X-Rays & Ultrasounds?

While both X-rays and ultrasounds enable us to see beyond your pet’s fur, how they generate their images are very different. Unlike ultrasounds, X-rays use a small dose of radiation to capture images of your pet’s bones and dense tissues. Ultrasounds cannot penetrate the bones and dense tissues inside of your pet, which is why we might recommend an X-ray instead of an ultrasound in some cases.

At LaVale Veterinary Hospital, we offer digital radiology to produce our X-ray images. We are proud to utilize the latest veterinary technologies for both of our radiology and ultrasonography practices.

What to Expect During an Ultrasound Exam

During your pet’s ultrasound exam in LaVale, your veterinarian will have your pet lie on an exam table. We will use a handheld wand to gently move over your pet’s body, specifically targeting the area of concern. We can see the results in real time and can even talk you through the possible diagnosis on the spot.

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